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Skies start to clear after recent heavy rainfall更多>>
There were no civilian casualties related to the operation over the weekend, and all US personnel involved in the operation have safely departed from Libya, Kirby said in a statement. 2020-10-30
The company asked students to identify a social problem and formulate a plan to bring about possible solutions. 2020-10-17
48 percent year on year, according to Chinas State Administration of Industry and Commerce. 2020-10-8
Amid the standoff between the two nations over the islands, Japanese self-defense forces will conduct a drill for retaking islands from Nov 1 to 8, the Japanese defense ministry announced this week. 2020-10-3
They are just kids and do not understand what has happened. 2020-10-31
The vast majority of these are transnational in nature, and hence require the cooperation of all national governments as well as private sector actors, he said. 2020-10-3
Hes not worried about selling tickets, priced from 180 yuan () to 2,000 yuan. 2020-10-8
69) entered the Top 15 list, and Guangzhou (. 2020-10-19
Ancient rock carvings discovered更多>>
Tan Yi, deputy manager of Tencents social networking group, said that the company has a vast number of users. 2020-10-27
She now coaches at an archery club in Taiyuan city after she retired. 2020-10-14
And if we keep working at it, well get through them. 2017-3-21
We should closely check on whether Afghanistan is becoming another paradise for extremist and terrorist groups. 2019-1-15
The AIIB had provided 1. 2018-8-25
He urged the community to read the Basic Law in depth. 2019-9-20
Acrobats perform during an event celebrating the upcoming 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Oct 19, 2012. 2017-6-24
A manager with Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp said that while completing construction projects, it will live within its means within the next three to five years, and reduce its overseas investment projects to ensure its financial safety. 2016-9-10
Construction of the Tajikistan section of Line D is expected to start within year 2014.
A woman walks past a row of dead Vietnamese-exported Crape Myrtle trees in Hefei, East Chinas Anhui province, on July 17, 2012.
A Tongzhou district education commission asked parents to present documents last year showing they have contributed to the social security insurance in Beijing, and it further tightened the requirement this year.
Beijingers could live on average 58.
It will be placed in Putuo Mountain, and the gesture marks deepening exchanges.
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The hospital had also treated those injured in the terrorist attack at a train station in Urumqi on April 30, and nine of those people still havent been discharged, said Liu Hongxia, director of the hospitals medical department.  The finale kicked off at the Guangzhou international auto show, which opened on the same day.
The issue appeared to arise after their Soyuz capsule entered orbit and a thruster failed to fire to assist in the docking approach.  Han Dong, an animal rights campaigner in Henan province, said the demand for dog meat is huge in Guangdong and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, where eating dog meat is a tradition.
Abuse of Chinese trainees rampant in Japan更多>>
Were excited about the win but we have to get better going into game two. 2016-1-13 
Deng was once CEO of Jike Search, which merged with Panguso in March 2014. 2016-10-1 
This offer comes as a compromise given rising concerns over a full default, but it is likely that investors have become more cautious on trust products in general, said Zhang Zhiwei, chief China economist at Nomura. 2015-7-9 
Nineteen provinces have built, or plan to build, safe havens for abandoned children, said Li Bo, director of the China Center for Childrens Welfare and Adoption, the organization pushing the safe haven concept. 2017-1-5 
Overall, about 30,000 more students this year are expected to take the exam, which begins on Sunday. 2015-3-31 
4 billion in 2016, data from the Ministry of Commerce show. 2017-5-22 
It is not a technical problem, we just wait for the DPRK authoritys approval. 2015-10-31 
  China, CELAC to map out cooperation plan over next five years: Xi更多>>
For example, in cutting taxes, local governments should have access to stable fiscal revenue sources so they will not take other reform-offsetting measures to replenish the local coffers after their fiscal revenues decrease. 2018-9-23 
Paper-cutting decorations grace the wall of a metro station in Shanghai. 2018-10-7 
Just as happened to the Chongqing contestants, the three from Shanghai were received with both praise and boos, if not more boos, hours after their photos were spread on Sina Weibo, a popular social networking site in China. 2018-7-23 
With its highly impressive design, it serves as a dynamically shaped daytime running light as well as a progressive turn signal. 2015-6-1 
The last member of the gang, Liu Biao, a scout member from Chaoyang district itself, was sentenced to nine years and fined 18,000 yuan, after being found guilty of taking the three robbers to the sites, digging up cultural relics and disposing of the stolen goods at an antiques market. 2017-2-21 
Yang Weidong, a law professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said the two cases have shown the unswerving determination of anti-graft authorities to carry out the nationwide campaign. 2017-8-2 
WUHAN - Police held an anti-terrorism drill at a bustling bus station in Wuhan, capital of Central Chinas Hubei province on Wednesday night. 2018-10-28 
Vincent and Bruno tie the knot in Frances 1st gay wedding更多>>
52 grams of silver, and a nickel-plated steel coin. 2018-8-20 
Thousands of people from other parts of the country traveled to the gold mining areas in California. 2019-1-10 
Najib confirmed that Malaysian air force defense radar picked up traces of the plane turning back westward, crossing over Peninsular Malaysia into the northern stretches of the Strait of Malacca. 2017-2-24 
Australias Prime Minister Tony Abbott (L) and Malaysias Prime Minister Najib Razak tour the tarmac of RAAF Base Pearce with Australian Air Force Group Commander Craig Heap (3rd R) and Commodore Peter Leavy (2nd R), commander of join task force 658, near Perth April 3, 2014. 2019-2-26 
A recent survey of 240 Chinese undergraduate students at the University of Hong Kong aged 18 to 27 found that 47 percent of them had moderate orthodontic treatment needs and another 33 percent had great or very great treatment needs. 2017-2-27 
Addressing these issues well is of both social and economic importance. 2015-2-11 
45 million people were forced to relocate. 2017-8-21 
His books on Chinese moulue have been published in 15 languages. 2017-7-13 
  Celtics hand Rockets first loss of season更多>>
The commerce authorities in Jilin invited dozens of licensed recruitment agencies with about 3,400 vacancies to a job fair dedicated to college graduates in Changchun in late November. 2015-10-6 
Children pose for photos with workers wearing panda costumes on a subway train themed on panda of subway Line 3 in Chengdu, Southwest Chinas Sichuan province, July 31, 2016. 2016-10-26 
The autobots owe their success to the 20,000 plus movie screens, but also to favorable screening arrangements. 2018-3-2 
Addressing participants, Lin Bin, vice-chairperson of CCPIT Beijing, said CCPIT and BCCI had maintained very good relations. 2019-7-17 
What China does is important for the world, and what China does, even domestically, has implications for the world, he said. 2017-3-17 
8 percent year on year, reaching nearly 4. 2017-2-6 
Could you go by heel type? Theres stiletto, trotter, kitten, block, flat… What about by pattern and style? Try metallic, all-day basic, velvet, mosaic, polka dot, animal print… the list goes on and its a brave new world. 2018-1-7 
The facts prove that the Belt and Road Initiative has become part of international efforts to pursue joint development and common prosperity for economies to gain new growth momentum, Liu says. 2017-3-16 
China, Italy experts hold video conference about virus treatment among elderly更多
Chinas anti-dumping probes against US products legal: MOC更多
  The country plans to make the service sector contribute 56 percent of GDP by 2020, and enable the average annual growth of service trade to outpace the global average rate during the 2016-2020 period, according to a plan jointly issued by 13 ministries and departments. I love flying, he said. The oil company has teamed up with the Guangdong Youth Volunteers Committee to offer free gas and food packages for the first 10,000 riders. BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping said here on Wednesday that China pays great attention to the situation in West Asia and North Africa, during a meeting with visiting Kuwait Prime minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. Efficient methodsCaptain Liu from Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co Ltd is one of many who benefited from the Chinese navys efficient anti-piracy methods.
  According to the agency, a Unha-3 rocket carrying the second version of the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite blasted off from the Sohae Space Center in Cholsan County, North Phyongan Province at 9: 49 am local time (0049 GMT). China hopes the bears will be odds-on to match the worldwide fame achieved by Paul, the German octopus that correctly predicted the results of an impressive string of games at the 2010 World Cup using its tentacles. Zhang checks the river two to three times a week, secretively and randomly. It was not without rewards.